HSES Specialist

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Date: May 10, 2024

Location: CHITA GUN Aichi, Aichi, JP, 470-2341

Company: Lubrizol Corporation



  • 事業所全体のHSES(衛生、安全、環境、セキュリティー)の担当者として、法や会社要求に従った設備、作業、作業環境、作業者等の管理全般を行う。HSESに関連する事故防止やリスク低減、また緊急事態等に対応するための検討および改善の実施をする。

As the person in charge of HSES (Hygiene, Safety, Environment, and Security) for the entire office, perform overall management of equipment, work, work environment, workers, etc. in accordance with laws and company requirements. Examine and implement improvements to prevent HSES-related accidents, reduce risks, and respond to emergencies.

  • 衣浦事業所のオペレーションまたは試験で使用する設備・機器等の機能や危険性を法その他の要求に照らして評価し、必要な改善を行うとともに健全な状態で維持をする。

Evaluate legal and other requirements regarding the functions and risks of facilities and equipment used in operations or tests at the Kinuura Site, make necessary improvements, and maintain them in a healthy condition.

  • 特に取扱う設備や化学物質は消防法その他の規制を受けるため、関連法に関する知識、資格、技術的な知見等をもって、必要な監視および改善を実施する。

In particular, the equipment and chemical substances we handle are subject to the Fire Service Act and other regulations, so use knowledge of related laws, qualifications, and technical knowledge to carry out necessary monitoring and improvements.

  • 業務の効率化や作業の確実性、安全性を評価し、改善のために必要な設備や手順等を検討して導入する。

Evaluate operational efficiency, work reliability, and safety, and consider and introduce necessary equipment and procedures for improvement.

  • 事故の発生を防止し快適な職場を維持できるよう、作業手順や作業環境を評価・監視し、必要な改善を行う。事故等の発生時には現場をリードして対応、問題点の是正を実施する。

Evaluate and monitor work procedures and work environments, and make necessary improvements to prevent accidents and maintain a comfortable workplace. In the event of an accident, etc., lead the on-site response and correct any problems.

  • 環境および安全衛生に関連する会社要求や法を順守した作業が実行できるように、必要な従業員の力量を確実にするための教育や管理手法を導入し運用する。

Introduce and operate training and management methods to ensure that employees have the necessary competencies to perform work in compliance with company requirements and laws related to the environment and safety and health.

  • 関係官庁や自治体、業務委託先や業者、またLZ本社等との折衝、協議を行い、会社が要求されるまたは要求する事項の技術的その他の対応を検討し、実行する。

Negotiate and discuss with related government agencies, local governments, outsourcing contractors, vendors, and LZ headquarters, etc., and consider and implement technical and other responses to matters requested or required by the company.

  • 環境、安全衛生等のマネジメントシステムの要求に従い、必要な取組みを検討し、計画し、実施して、継続的な改善を行う。

In accordance with the requirements of management systems for environment, safety and health, etc., consider, plan, and implement necessary initiatives and make continuous improvements.

  • これらを実施するために必要な予算を計算し、計画し、運用して記録監視を行う。また必要な文書を管理し維持する。

Calculate the budget necessary to implement these, plan, operate, and record and monitor. Also manage and maintain necessary documents.


REQUIREMENTS (education, experience, competencies and specific job requirements):


  1. Education:
  • Bachelor's or technical college/school degree in Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or other related quantitative disciplines.


  1. Experience:
  • 少なくとも6-10年の製造業でのHSES管理業務担当もしくは責任者の経験。化学業界の経験があれば尚良い。

At least 6-10 years of experience in HSES administration or responsibility in the manufacturing industry. Experience in the chemical industry is a plus.

  • さまざまなレベルの社内外のビジネス パートナーや部門横断的なチームとコミュニケーションをとった経験。海外サイトや企業とのコミュニケーションの経験があれば尚良い

Experience communicating with internal and external business partners and cross functional teams at various levels

  • 消防署等の官庁や自治体との折衝や申請、届出業務、関連する工事等の業者とのコミュニケーションや管理の経験。

Experience in negotiations with government agencies such as the fire department and local governments, application and reporting work, and communication and management with related construction contractors.

  • 品質や環境、安全衛生に関する顧客もしくは審査機関の監査対応、または取引先等に対する監査実施の経験。

Experience in responding to audits by customers or auditing organizations regarding quality, environment, safety and health, or conducting audits of business partners, etc.

  • 施設設備管理の経験があれば尚良い。

Experience in facility engineering management is a plus.

  • Experience using SAP is a plus
  • Team management and individual development experience is a plus


  1. Main Core Competencies
  • Sufficient knowledge and experience regarding environment, safety and health management
  • Extensive knowledge and practical experience regarding environmental, health and safety legal requirements and ISO management systems
  • Experience in risk assessment and improvement implementation regarding chemicals, equipment, process safety, and operations.
  • Analytical and good problem solving
  • Deliver Results
  • Planning and initiative
  • Teamwork


  1. Knowledge, technical/professional skill:
  • Class I health officer license
  • Hazardous Materials Engineer license
  • Fire prevention manager
  • Operations chief of organic solvent qualification
  • Operations chief of hazardous work of oxygen deficiency qualification
  • Good data analytical skills
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook
  • Advanced level skill in Microsoft Excel (pivot table and v-lookup etc.) is a plus
  • Project Management is a plus
  • TQM, Lean Management is a plus
  • ISO auditor skill is a plus
  • Hands-on, willing to work under pressure
  • Team management



  1. Language Skill:
  • Fluent in Japanese (verbal and written)
  • English level at 730 or above in TOEIC

Job Segment: Facilities, Compliance, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Operations, Legal, Engineering

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